Filming Locations for Netflix Series "CRASH LANDING ON YOU"

Lungern and several other Swiss destinations have been chosen to be part of a 16-part Netflix series in 2019 with their beautiful scenery.

The romantic TV drama "Crash Landing on You" is about a woman who comes from South Korea and ends up unconscious in North Korea through no fault of her own. The problem: crossing the border between these two countries is an absolute no-go.

However, the North Korean army officer who finds her falls in love with her instead of punishing her. She also falls in love with him, which is why viewers get to see 16 episodes of drama, romance and suspense. When they both realize that they have met before in Switzerland, there are regular flashbacks to their time in the series. Discover the original film locations of the Netflix series, in the Bürglen/Kaiserstuhl district on your own directly from the hotel.