Our old Elevator


The building was built in 1954. During the 2019 remodel, the elevator car was removed from the 70 year old elevator enclosure. The empty elevator shaft was supplemented with new intermediate floors on each floor. Thus, 6 small "Gwunder niches" have now been created. This photo shows the lift still in the old original condition



In the small Lädeli you will always find new, pretty little things and useful everyday helpers. A souvenir for the visit at the parents, a small thank you for the invitation, something special for home ? Or simply a special gift for a loved one.


For all bookworms and book fans. What better way to browse through books and magazines? In the attic you will find many books, magazines, novels, thrillers for a relaxing evening on the roof terrace or cozy in the room.


Kids Corner

For our smallest guests or even the somewhat larger. Colorful, motley, funny, exciting, interesting. Here it will not be boring even in the rain. To borrow and to take with you to your room. Have fun and a lot of laughter while playing and thank you for putting back.


for Small emergencies

Practical for small emergencies: Sewing kit, shoe shine box, 1st aid kit, stationery utensils, dog basket. Free postcards, ironing utensils, and everything that can be useful somehow, sometime during your stay can be found here.


Tea and Coffeekitchen

Since recently there is a small tea & coffee kitchen in the old elevator on the 1st floor. Our guests can help themselves to an espresso or a fine tea 24 hours a day. The microwave oven there is also very practical.